5 new hairstyles. & 1 hair fair 2010 exclusive freebie

3Darlas – 3 hairstyles in one purchase

50% of the 3 Darlas proceeds will benefit Wigs for Kids

Halia – hair fair freebie! limited time

Visit my hair fair booth – TP HERE

demos are also available in my home store – TP HERE


New Raspberry Aristocrat Hairstyle

Dulciana Hair

Hi all. I have a new store location to announce. the last place I was at closed so I had to move in a hurry.

You can now find me on the sim Shiny Falls.

Home of  Shiny Things which features awesome Shoes & Jewelry


I also have a new hairstyle that I recently made, called Dulciana.

Due to the request of some customers who liked my Dulcina Style

It’s design is based on that. but has a more wispy look..

and a full sculpted  fluffy back ponytail, with flexi bits.

Two new Hairstyles

May 20, 2010

Dulcina & Marci Hairstyles @ Raspberry Aristocrat

Freesia is a sculpted wispy, flippy hairstyle with a few flexi bits.

Recently released, although never announced / blogged. ❤

I have been without a permanent home for my shop in SL for quite a few months. Good news, I can now happily announce my new location is right next door at Mischief Isle.  Thanks, Janie Marlowe for having me

So now that I’m all settled in I can get back to making some fun stuff.

I hope you come visit!

I have two  Berry hot bargains right now.

RA: boardwalk shorts, 3 color pack $L125

RA: cozy Jersey, 12 color pack just $L125

RA cozy jersey

coming soon ~ new items

August 11, 2009

I’m currently working on more hairstyles as well as some clothing items. Please look out  for my releases very soon!

RA Chai Anxiety artwork Got Anxiety? not sure what hair color to buy? Fret no more, try Chai Anxiety! Includes a detailed legend listing all the colors and pack names.

Bandana Day

June 19, 2009

Bandana Day PinkBandana Day Berry

All proceeds from the sale of these will go directly to Locks of Love. They will be available along with all the others at Hair Fair 09

I ‘m offering two selections in a cozy knit. pink with black trim. and of course berrry with black trim. ❤

Madison Hairstyle

June 19, 2009

Madison HairstyleMadison Hair  is an adorable side pulled ponytail.  sculpted wavy curls. cute tucked in bangs and soft flexible bits.

This will debute at the Second Life Hair Fair 2009. 50% of all sales proceeds will be donated to the Locks of Love Charity. I hope you like this style and purchase it to benefit our Charity

demos are available now at my shop

skin: [D-skin]

top: dutch touch

Asuka Hairstyle

June 19, 2009

Asuka Hairstyle Inspired by the dancer on the TV show ‘so you think you can dance”  long & flexi and totally cute for chilling out in jeans or twirling in a tutu.

Hairstyle will be available at Hair Fair 2009

Demos currently are at my shop in SL!

skin: [D-Skin]

top: Gypsy Soul